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Kids in the House

I started my company, Kids in the House, after having my three children. As a new mom I was looking for a resource that combined all of the parenting information that I found in books and lectures into one single resource. I spent over three years interviewing the top 500 pediatricians, authors, and educators from all over the country and building what is now the world’s largest educational parenting video library, reaching ½ a million parents. My goal all along was to help parents become better parents by providing them with an educational resource that they could use at any time and anywhere. As a parent myself, I understood that parents have limited time—we can’t purchase and read every book out there. Kids in the House is that quick and easy-to-use resource that so many parents, including myself, were looking for and couldn’t find.

I think the best part about Kids in the House is that it provides a left, right, and center view on all parenting issues and you don’t just hear one point of view. For example, if you have a child with ADHD and want an expert’s opinion on whether or not you should give your child medication then our website has videos both for and against it. Our theory is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to parenting. Parents need to be supported no matter what parenting style they practice, and everyone can use support and guidance.

One of the biggest accomplishments of Kids in the House thus far has been our ability to influence social change. This year we produced and released an #EndBullying PSA that featured seven kids from Los Angeles who have been severely bullied. The PSA encourages other kids to stand up and tell their stories in hope of inspiring others to end cyber bullying and all other forms of bullying. This message was so important to me because the children in the video were so brave to share their story with the world. Several celebrities actually shared the video on social media, including Beyoncé, who posted it on her Facebook to over 65 million of her fans. The kids were so excited when they saw such a huge public figure show support for them, and I felt a sense of fulfillment that she was able to honor the kids in the way.

The most important part of starting any business is picking something you are passionate about. I encourage every entrepreneur to really pursue something he or she truly cares about because you will constantly need to surround yourself with it and learn more about it. If it weren’t for the fact that I am a mother of three and extremely passionate about education and parenting then I don’t think Kids in the House would have been successful. In that same vein, I think it is important for all people to remember that when starting a business there will be times when it will seem nearly impossible. I remember after I had spent years producing over 8000 parenting videos I was relieved, but at the same time, I was faced with an even bigger task of what to do next. My business was full of questions: How to get the site up and running? How to organize all of the information? How to reach a bigger audience? There were times when it felt like it just wouldn’t happen, but I kept pushing, and it paid off.

Kids in the House is continuing to grow. We are currently developing the subscription portion of the website which will allow our users to buy a membership and access even more content from top experts. We also just released our first ever DVD called BabyCare101: The Ultimate Baby Care Manual, which we partnered with The Pump Station & Nurtury to make. The DVD features over 30 newborn babies and educates new parents on everything from breastfeeding to how to help your baby sleep. As Kids in the House continues to grow, we are focusing on developing more long-form content and even working towards a television show.

Ultimately, I want to send the message to parents that no matter the parenting problem there is always a solution. Similarly, I want to remind all “momtrepreneurs” and even “wantrepreneurs” that starting a business and reaching your goal is possible and will pay off if you stay focused and surround yourself with a great team of people. As a 3-time CEO, I have seen all of my hard work manifest in several businesses. My advice to anyone is always follow your passion and go with your gut. If you do that then you can make anything happen!

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