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Spotlight Profile: The WHY & HOW

  I started my first business, MommyMaiDD Services Inc, in 2012 during a very busy time for my family. My husband and I worked around each other and rarely had a chance to spend time together with the kids. I remember being so exhausted one day that I begin to vent to my husband about how I’d wish we had a personal assistant to help with domestic tasks and free up some of our time. After that, I recall scouring the Internet for personal domestic assistants with no luck. So, I did what any other entrepreneur would, and decided to create a service for busy families like ours.

  After close to 3 months of research and development, I launched as a platform to connect other busy families like ours to dedicated domestic assistants (MommyMaiDDs). After a slow couple of years I began to wonder if entrepreneurship was the right decision but in 2014 my friend who was pregnant for the first time phoned me asking for advice for her horrible morning sickness. After recommending a few products, I decided to put together a care package for her with goodies to help with her first-trimester. After receiving the package, she informed me of how much she loved it and I immediately thought, “I think I have something!” After discovering a limited option pool, in November 2014 I launched The Stork Bag and coined it as, “The 1st Ever Pregnancy Subscription Bag”. Using social media as my main marketing source, I began snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram, heavily relying on word of mouth and viral influence.

  In 2015, I set a goal to sell 100 Stork Bags during our 1st year and quickly surpassed that in less than 6 months. Last year, The Stork Bag served customers in almost every US state and 5 different countries with virtually no paid advertising.

  As we embark on the New Year, we plan to grow our brand and product rapidly by implementing a more sophisticated marketing plan with focus on quantified email marketing and social networking as well as continuing to cultivate our strategic partnerships. Being able to identify that The Stork Bag is our flagship product has allowed us to focus on further research and development, which will help drive customer acquisition and retention. Since 2012 MommyMaiDD has grown tremendously, aside from The Stork Bag we have also launched a maternity clothing line, MommyTummys. As an entrepreneur in the ecommerce space, I believe the hardest part about growing a start-up is bridging the marketing gap—slowly but surely I’m learning.

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Enterprising Women is a partner in the new Million Women Mentors (MWM) initiative.

The initiative supports the engagement of one million science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) mentors — women and men — to increase the interest and confidence of young women to pursue and succeed in STEM degrees and careers.

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