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Startup Founder Monica Eaton-Cardone Spotlights Top Resources to Help Women Entrepreneurs Succeed

Though females currently lag behind males in leadership roles and startup success, entrepreneur Monica Eaton-Cardone spotlights five organizations dedicated to changing that by helping women excel in business leadership and ownership.

(Tampa Bay, FL) June 28, 2016 – Recent studies reveal that women in business continue to trail their male counterparts, with females holding fewer than one-quarter of senior leadership roles(1) and women-owned businesses accounting for less than 5% of revenues.(2) To overcome this disparity, risk management entrepreneur and C-level executive Monica Eaton-Cardone encourages women to gain vital and valuable support from several organizations devoted to the advancement of women business leaders and business owners.

An international survey by Grant Thornton found that women hold just 24% of senior management roles worldwide.(1) Within the United States, women fill 23% of all senior leadership positions, up from 21% in 2015; however, 31% of U.S. businesses have no women in senior management.(1) According to a report published by American Express OPEN and Womenable—a social enterprise focused on enabling women’s entrepreneurship and growth—females are better represented among the ranks of business owners. There are currently more than 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States, accounting for 38% of all U.S. firms and representing a 45% increase over 2007 levels.(2) However, women-owned businesses generate just 4% of U.S. revenues—a share that has not changed in 20 years.(2) Furthermore, the Financial Times reports that male-owned businesses “are more than three times as likely to reach $1m-plus revenue.”(3)

“While the daunting statistics and slow pace of progress can leave women feeling disheartened, it’s important to remember that success is attainable,” asserted Monica Eaton-Cardone. In addition to founding a number of successful business ventures, Eaton-Cardone currently serves as Chief Information Officer of Global Risk Technologies and Chief Operating Officer of Chargebacks911. “Expertise, confidence and perseverance can go a long way toward helping women achieve their business goals. However, if you want to go further and get there faster, it’s important to leverage all of the resources available to you.”

To help women gain the edge they need to get ahead in business, Eaton-Cardone has compiled her top five resources for women entrepreneurs and business leaders:

  • Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab: Established by the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) at Babson College and hosted in Boston and Miami, WIN Lab  is a year-long residency program that equips women with the skills and knowledge they need to launch or transform a business. “Women entrepreneurs not only benefit from WIN Lab’s business-focused programming, but also from the experiences and support of successful female founders, who share what works and what it takes to succeed,” notes Eaton-Cardone.
  • Astia: Non-profit Astia  supports women-led ventures with high growth potential through its investment platform and global network, offering access to capital, connections and guidance. “Astia invests in female entrepreneurs whose startups have tremendous potential, and helps to accelerate their growth by providing the contacts, tools and resources they need to succeed,” explains Eaton-Cardone.
  • Golden Seeds: Inspired by research that shows gender-diverse teams produce a better return on investment, Golden Seeds aims to fuel the growth of high-potential businesses with women leaders and owners. Since 2005, Golden Seeds has connected more than 65 women-led ventures to over $70 million in funding. “Access to capital is critical to the success of fledgling startups,” emphasizes Eaton-Cardone. “In the fierce competition for funding, women entrepreneurs should leverage every advantage they can get.”
  • Savor the Success: Billed as a virtual business school, community center and wellness lifestyle hub, Savor the Success  helps women entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life and use public relations to generate buzz. “Women entrepreneurs can elevate their game by tapping into the expertise of successful female business owners, the mutual support of fellow startup founders and valuable insights from editors at leading media outlets,” says Eaton-Cardone.
  • Women Presidents Organization (WPO): Female CEOs, presidents and managing directors of privately held, multimillion-dollar companies are eligible for WPO membership. While the first four resources in Eaton-Cardone’s list can help women build a business, WPO empowers them to take it to the next level. “Success is a journey, not a destination,” observes Eaton-Cardone. “There’s no reason to stop pushing yourself once you’ve attained your goals; after all, your greatest achievements may still lie ahead.”

As a champion of women in business, Monica Eaton-Cardone welcomes the opportunity to connect with female entrepreneurs and business leaders at industry events. She will be speaking at the upcoming Ticket Summit  in Las Vegas and the Affiliate Summit East  in New York, and is available for interviews and future speaking engagements. For more information, visit http://monicaec.com.

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