Enterprising Women SPring 2019

Start with WHY Learn how to attract your ideal clients Why-driven communications can lead to exponential growth and propel your business far beyond what you could imagine. info.advantages.net/free_why_evaluation Want to know more? Take our complimentary WHY evaluation and see how your brand stacks up. You will receive valuable insights to improve your communications. advantages.net | 718.820.0688 Fran Biderman-Gross Strategista My team’s performance didn’t come as a surprise. I know they rock. The true revelation came on a more personal level. Every spouse, partner and parent knows that their family relationships could be better. I knew it, too. But until I took the Entrepreneur Stress Test, I didn’t fully appreciate how much real estate my business was taking up in my mind, heart and soul. I didn’t realize how much of a barrier technology had become between me and my son until I took it away. And as I’ve said to people who have asked about the experience, I feel like the Entrepreneur Stress Test saved my marriage, and I didn’t even know it needed saving! Was I excited to get back to work? Absolutely, I couldn’t wait. But I didn’t feel withdrawal, or like some empty space needed to be filled. And I wasn’t full of big new ideas and crazy goals. I felt balanced, and I made a conscious effort to listen. I’ve always been a doer—and that’s what we tend to revere about small business owners—but the Entrepreneur Stress Test made me realize that I can’t lead if I don’t listen. In fact, one of the first things I did was approve my team’s idea to condense the workload and take Fridays off for the rest of the summer. It may sound counter-intuitive, but I think it’s going to improve creativity and productivity even more. Or at least I’m willing to find out. The Bottom Line I’ve never met an entrepreneur or small business owner who couldn’t benefit from taking a step back for an extended period of time—not just a day off here and there, not fooling yourself into thinking you’ve already got that whole “work-life balance thing” figured out. I’m talking about truly disengaging, setting solid boundaries and committing to your own version of going off the grid. If you find yourself feeling curious or even a little jealous about the experience I’ve just described, then do yourself a favor: Take the Entrepreneur Stress Test and learn how to stress a little less, trust a little more and rejuvenate your soul. It’s probably the best thing you can do for yourself, the people you work with, and the people you love. TRACY CALL is the founder of Media Bridge Advertising. One of the Midwest’s fastest growing ad agencies, she grew her company from zero to $17 million in just seven years. enterprising Women 25