Enterprising Women Summer 2021

SUMMER READING Rashi Khosla,Theresa Harrison, Tamara Nall, BUSINESS SUCCESS SECRETS: Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works S ociety has its own list of items that may produce a boxed, cookie-cutter version of success. However, those who know first- hand what it means to give it their all will tell you that there are no exact measurements in order to succeed. Take it from Rashi Khosla, Theresa Harrison, and Tamara Nall, three Enterprising Women award winners and alumna. These three entrepreneurs have not only tasted the sweet flavor of success, they have captured its essence in a masterful way. They, like so many others before them and many who will come after them, have authentic knowledge where occasionally there were too many ingredients and at other times, there were missing ingredients. Fortunately, they have been able to find just the recipe needed to transform them into who they are today: successful business owners with a seat at the table. They have shared their delicious recipes in a collaborative effort as authors in their new book titled BUSINESS SUCCESS SECRETS: Entrepreneurial Thinking That Works. The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling authors invite readers to enjoy a sample of their journey as they provide a brief appetizer of their respective chapters in the book. It is now your time to have a taste of success as well. Enjoy! Rashi Arora Khosla is the founder and CEO of MARS Solutions Group (MARS SG), an IT professional service agency that helps clients assess, plan, and execute business and technical projects. The company assembles optimal project teams and crafts customized solutions that exceed client expectations. MARS SG has received numerous awards and accolades, including being recognized as one of America’s fastest growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list. The company is based in both Waukesha, WI, and Indore, India. Rashi did not have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to determine the source of her company’s success. She was able to share her professional thoughts on what was necessary to help her company grow to its current level of success. I strongly believe that our success came from our conviction to the concept and a complete detachment to a conventional way of thinking or doing. We found our niche in a delivery model for staffing that is out of this world, again Mars-like. Since I had no experience with staffing, I devised how the business would work for me rather than modeling it based on what other staffing firms do. The product of doing so was a very innovative, delivery engine that had a high reliance on technology along with a staff of recruiters that came from software & engineering backgrounds, just like I did. I simply had to stay true to my being and tune into my instincts. As MARS evolved, I had the privilege to develop a new SaaS product that we call Ovation which incorporated my three passions: Data & AI, Diversity and Inclusion, and entrepreneurship. I have stayed original by deflecting a lot of conventional wisdom and doing things my way. This has served me well for the most part, but there have also been some consequences that I have accepted as part of the package. ~ Rashi Theresa Harrison is the Founder and President of GEORGE STREET Services, Inc. (GEORGE STREET) where they solve the toughest challenges by providing software engineering, IT solutions, Managed Services and Cyber Security products and solutions within the highest level of national security. Prior to GEORGE STREET, Theresa was president of Athenyx, LLC, which was acquired in 2008. As a seasoned technology entrepreneur, and a respected leader, Theresa has established long lasting and meaningful relationships and collaborations with her employees and customers. Theresa took time to consider a crisis situation in which she found herself. Examples of this for others may have included the 2008 Depression, the 9/11 attack on the Nation, or most recently, the Covid 84 enterprising Women