NEW YEAR, NEW SKILLS OWN YOUR FUTURE Personal resolution for personal growth with targeted professional training. Targeted training with our WOMEN IN TECH and WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP Packages ©2019 Leadership Balance ® , a division of Liderança Group, Inc. GRAYSCALE COLORREVERSE (OnlyForUseonBlack Background) Trade Gothic font 866-864-8200 | info@Leadershipbalance.com | womentechtraining.com Regardless of your position, topics like security, big data, and cloud are continually evolving technologies critical to performance and success. Staying current and preparing for what’s next is crucial to not only personal growth and performance, but to your organization as well. An area often overlooked for technology professionals are the soft skills required for developing effective leaders and communicators. Our learning content promotes leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by women in business across three levels of their career – leading the business, leading your team, and leading yourself. Combining our WOMEN in TECH and WOMEN in LEADERSHIP programs provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at current and future project deliverables. To maximize the time you have to dedicate to learning, our programs provide sequenced lessons and learning tools built for busy technology professionals. Our special introductory price makes now the perfect time to take your IT and Leadership development to the next level. Learn at your own pace , location , and time! HARD SKILLS SOFT SKILLS + Balanced approach to developing needed skill sets. While women comprise 47% of the workforce, we only represent about 20% of tech workers. We live in a time where competition for talent is fierce. The time is now to ask ourselves “what’s in my future of work?” WOMEN IN CLOUD 2019MicrosoftWomen inCloud (WIC) AwardRecipient LET’S GET STARTED TODAY! womentechtraining.com OVER 3,000 Course Titles OVER 10,000 Digital & Audio Books and Book Summaries OVER 100 IT Certification Prep Learning Paths 26 enterprising Women