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Mistry, Shaila Rao

Shaila Rao Mistry

Jayco MMI innovates, designs and manufactures human machine interfaces for aerospace, medical devices, security, communications, and industrial applications ranging from mobile devices to rack-mount systems. Established over 27 years Jayco has earned the loyalty of customers and employees. We are national and international with clients including Fortune 500 and other high technology companies.

STEM-Institute leverages experience from private sector, academia, government, and civil society to advise organizational leaders to influence change and create growth opportunities through insightful analysis and innovative strategic planning. We also focus on forging pathways to break the glass ceiling in the boardroom and mentor girls to advance in STEM fields.

Shaila serves on several boards, locally and nationally including the NAWBO National board. She is active on the International Task force, Public Policy Task Force and Tax regulations and Reform Council. She is also a serves on the Small Business Advisory Council for California Department of General Services. This SBAC is responsible for small and diverse business access to procurement in the State of California. She is proud to serve on The University of California Small and Diverse Business Advisory Council - UC SDBAC which oversees all nine UC campuses’ budget.

A global advocate for women empowerment, she is active across five continents having presented papers at UN level, seminars, and workshops on business, diversity and equality, women’s issues, reform, and economic advancement; topics that are at the forefront globally and domestically. At UN level, she participated actively at every CSW’s in New York since Beijing for 21 years, taking leadership roles including working on the MDGs. She has lead pioneering work on Internet and Human Rights including co-authoring Human Rights Charter and Internet. Whilst serving as a leader for multiple state and national-level organizations, she has been a passionate advocate for prominent issues effecting women business owners, and healthcare reform.

Shaila has received several Lifetime Achievement awards and recognitions for her humanitarian work and entrepreneurial accomplishments. She was listed among the Top 20 Women to Watch by OC Metro; SABAN awarded her Entrepreneur of the Year. ABAOC awarded her their Marco Polo Award: Entrepreneurship & Global Humanitarian work. NAWBO recognized her with Life time Entrepreneur award. Born in India, educated in London, and settled in California, Shaila is a true global citizen.





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Women of the Year Award

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